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Testing Thursday - Tosca and CI/CD pipeline

Testing Thursday

Two professionals from Sogeti talk to you in an hour about the impact of Tosca and CI/CD pipelines. Curious? Sign up for the next Testing Thursday on Thursday the 21st of July at 5PM. 


Testing Thursday - Tosca and CI/CD pipelines

In the previous Testing Thursday webinar we already learned a lot about CI/CD and pipelines, during this session we will zoom in on the combination with Tricentis Tosca. Furthermore we will talk about best and worst practices, and the take a deepdive into examples at Tosca projects at clients. Of course you got plenty of possibilities  to ask questions during this session about how to use Tosca in a CI environment.

Introduction of the experts, Otman and Santosh

Santosh Naik is an experienced Test Automation and Tosca Consultant within Sogeti and certified Tricentis Tosca Architect.
Within his client Nationale Nederlanden he is working as a Tosca coach and consultant for several teams. He loves to train people and help them to grow to the next level.

Otman Zemouri is also an experienced Test Automation and Tosca Consultant. He is an expert in the field of QA development,
Quality Engineering and Test Automation. He has broad knowledge of various, tools and techniques with a sweet spot for Tricentis Tooling. He is part of Sogeti’s Centre of Excellence for Tricentis Tosca. Otman shares his experience related to automation with Tricentis tooling, is giving training and has been writing
several blogs about Tosca.


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