5 Learning Tips - Top Secret Agent and BigData and Analytics

Sandeep SachdevaWhen you are looking for an edge look no further than the Top Secret Agent ( you know who it is ). He has the gadgets, has the most challenging job and off course the perks that come with that. They give him an advantage over his competition.  

But one of the most important parts is his creativity in being able to get out of sticky situations through ingenious techniques and thinking. That is amazing or is it.

So what are the 5 things we can learn from our Top Secret Agent about a BigData Program:

1. Have a mission

Can you imagine an Agent without a mission. It has no meaning. For the Agent the mission and its success is the utmost single important thing on his mind. The mission is larger than himself or his team. And he continues to relentlessly pursue the success of the mission. So build a mission that is larger than your project. Yes, you can only achieve the mission through a series of steps, but the mission should be clear, precise and singular in nature.

2. Create magic moments

Our Agent does not wait for situations to turn for him. Instead he makes the most of the situation presented to him. He has the unique ability of combining limited information into insight that help him progress in his mission. But he needs the information, he needs the data. And at times he needs advice as well. While hiring data scientists is one of the steps in being able to gain insights. It is more important to build out a platform to ensure that you enable the ability to create magic moments in an environment. A clear roadmap that leads the architecture, technology and delivery teams to a common, singular strategic goal is the best first step for a company.

3. Technology matters

We love the gadgets that our Agent has from the invisible car to the tiny radio transmitter. Two things that stand out here are, one that they are important to his mission. It is not technology for technology sake, but it is answering the question of how do we expect this gadget to add value to the mission and help bring him back home safely. The second is in the integration and the analytics behind them. Would our Agent be more successful if the systems were not integrated. Technology sets you apart. Use all resources available to you, be it Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC). Jump in with both your feet.

4. It takes a focused and determined team

Any Agent cannot do this alone. You have to have a team of people that are singularly focused on one common goal. The mission has to be larger than the success of a project. It has to be the glory and the success of the company. Each member should clearly know his value and part. As only then you will be able to bring him back. A good team is a strategic differentiator for a company. The team should have varied skillset but be forward thinking, creative, delegates without hesitation and holds the other person accountable. 

5. Stay the course

Just imagine if an Agent just gave up in the middle of a chase. You know, just stop the motorcycle on the rooftop, this is too hard. Can you imagine that. We need to stay the course no matter what: as the mission is the mission. And its success is paramount. The best thing about our Agent is his “what’s next” mode. By that I mean that he does not wait to ponder on his failures. Instead he jumps on what can I do next to make the mission successful. You already know what you have learnt. Know it, use it and move on – instantly and immediately. Only then you will be as relentless, flexible and closer to the success of the mission. As my dad used to say “Be steadfast on your goal, be flexible on your path”. 

Enable your BigData Program

I think our Top Secret Agent would agree on the thoughts as well. We at Sogeti BI & Analytics can help build these for you in the order that would enable your program to be successful. Mail Chris Vlaanderen or call him at +31 (0)88 660 6600. For other countries, please contact Sandeep Sachdeva.