Are you the hero of the Big Data movie?

Sandeep Sachdeva - Every movie has a hero and the Big Data movie has one as well. Along with the car chase and other fun stuff. As this is a follow up from the previous article let’s get directly to it.

The Hero

You are the hero in this movie. You have challenged the field of technology in ways unimaginable. Think about it, our phones are now better than what I see on Star Trek and some day we will have the Enterprise as well. This is all possible because we now have the systems that can crunch numbers at the speed we are looking for. To innovate at the speed imaginable by our users. Today’s Big Data cloud based systems can and will provide you the capability you need to reach further, farther much faster than you have ever been able to do before.

So, a big Thank You from my side for you in being you. Keep challenging us, questioning us and inspiring us to do more than what we can do. And yes we will continue to deliver those for you.

The Villain or Villains

So what is Big Data fighting every day as it grows up and proves itself. Many things. Here are some that I have heard the most. Not in any particular order:

  • We have always done it this way
  • We do not know the ROI
  • This is a pipe dream and it is too difficult to implement
  • It must be too costly

The best way to help address or alleviate these is by requesting a proof of concept to prove what you think may or may not be the case. Let the numbers or the results do the talking for you. As indicated in my earlier article you will need the right team, the right skillset and the vision and strategy to go with that. A proof of concept is easy to do if you have the skills internally. Or you can use System Integrators, Sogeti being one of them. They can build and prove that out for you at a significantly low investment. Ultimately the Hero wins. In this case the Hero is you.

The Car Chase and the twists and turns 

If you have seen the Matrix part two, you know what I mean. One of the longest car chase I have seen, very beautifully done and it served a critical need in that movie. Technology and the advancement in technology does the same for the Big Data platform. Those servers that you have in your data center, those storage devices, the network equipment they all play a critical role in building this up for you locally. Assuming you need something secure or within the confines of your company. You always have the option of using the cloud based infrastructure for the same needs.

Integrating the Big Data Platform into your existing framework is going to the key necessary first step. Making sure that you go long on the data by ensuring that it is accessible by your Big Data processing engine will be the key to your success. In terms of details the names you hear the most are Linux, Hadoop, NOSQL, and R. Make sure to take a look at the packaged proprietary offerings from companies as they may help jumpstart your efforts at times. This is an ever-evolving field that we are all getting used to, so stay tuned on Enterprise DB, Spark, Scala and more.

The plot

The plot is very simple. From our side it is to ensure that we provide you a means to simplify, enhance and enrich your life. We will use all means necessary to get to that. From internet to the Internet of Things. We move forward everyday to see how we can add value in a positive way to what you do. And by that I mean driverless cars, packages to your doorstep when you need them, internet for everyone, vision for the blind, hearing for the deaf and cure for cancer are some of things that are being worked on. Most of these rely on the Big Data platform to make the dream come true.

It is time to dream big.

Please feel free to contact my Sogeti BI & Analytics colleague Chris Vlaanderen via e-mail or +31 (0)88 6606600.