Do you see the rainbow in your vision?

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Sandeep Sachdeva - One of the most beautiful and inspiring gifts from nature is the rainbow. It touches your soul so completely that it fills it up with a sense of tranquility.

It provides a message of happiness and excitement in a very simple yet graceful and grandiose manner. How else could you paint the whole sky so beautifully and get away with it. Your vision for Big Data should be the same. It should be simple yet graceful and grandiose. And it should encompass your entire company thereby providing the sense of happiness and excitement.

So let the colors of the rainbow guide you in your vision for Big Data using VIBGYOR as a guide.


One of the most compelling criteria for the vision is for it to be vibrant. Once installed and instilled in the company the Big Data vision should become the source of energy that is needed to get everyone going. It should be the lifeblood of your program.


An inspired person is like a man possessed. A person who will come in everyday knowing that he is contributing to and building something that makes a difference. So sprinkle in a little bit or a lot of inspiration into your vision for the program. In the case of Big Data ask the challenging questions as they inspire your Data Scientists. The answers to those questions would make a huge impact in the company. These answers will demonstrate the value of the person, the team, the unit and fulfill their need to have made a difference.


Is your vision cheerful and invigorating? Is it challenging enough to stay afloat in the ever changing world? If not modify it, this is your vision for the program. Make it fun to live by and to work with. Make it forward thinking to ensure that it will stay afloat and set the direction for the near future, for your program, for your company and for your employees. For Big Data we need to allow time for experimentation. It should feel like playing with a box of Legos. Yes there is a certain way of putting things together but it is more fun when you discover something new. Build the need for allowing to experiment in your vision so that it creates a cheerful and invigorating atmosphere in the company.


Just like the rainbow, be bold in your approach. Think big. If you want to paint something, paint the whole sky. Use simple colors and still make a profound statement. Let the constraints not stop you, instead let them inspire you to build a vision that is bold and grand in nature. There are very few questions in terms of the current industry excluding science research, space and healthcare that cannot be answered with the use of Big Data. So let the Big Data program do its job which is to look for and provide the answers to realize the grandness of the vision. Let the guidance and the grand approach come from the vision.


When was the last time a vision was modified? This is your vision so change it when it needs to be changed. Make it fresh again, make it lively so as to fill everyone up with the youthful enthusiasm which helps you conquer the world. That enthusiasm is always present on the Big Data side. The technology is new and fresh. The thinking is new and different. The insights are innovative and it provides the opportunity to walk down a new path. Is your vision aligned to allow that to happen freely? If not, change it.


The purpose and meaning of a program is provided by its vision. And its vision needs to be the same everywhere. It should also be understood in the same way everywhere as well. Do ensure that the vision once created is communicated well across all the teams. Also that everyone is on the same page in regards to how they will help enable the same.


In the end it is about your customers. Your vision should have the dual quality of resonating well with both your customers and your employees at the same time. The vision should paint a picture of an improved quality of life for your customers and provide a clear guidance for your employees in how they will contribute to make that happen. Big Data makes a big impact to both your customers and your employees. Make sure that you have  the program, the infrastructure, and access to the data to unlock the imagination of your employees to make your vision a reality.

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