How to measure my app?

measure my app

Arnd Brugman - recently I had another talk with a marketing manager of a big company and we were talking about success of the App and the usage of the App.

Of course we also talked about the in-app metrics possibilities and the results. I was quite surprised when she told me that she measured everything inside the app. Wonderful, right? So I asked her what insights she got from collecting al the data and she said “None yet, I haven’t looked at the data.”

measure my app

Strategic insights 

It turned out she measured everything in app but totally without any planning, strategy or tactic and without looking at the results. Actually the results don’t really matter if you just measure everything without any plan. So let's get some reference on what to think about when measuring In App statistics that helps shape the future App.

Define valuable data

Gaining valuable insights starts with a solid measurement plan that is more than just collecting data. Gaining insight is much more about the business objectives and goals than the raw data we are able produce. We can measure everything someone does with our App, but without goals its just plain data without any value. If we connect the measurement data to our goals and business objectives it becomes a performance indicator for the App. Only then you know if your App is a success, or not.

Success and failure

By breaking down the In-App metrics and attributing value to target pages in App it is much easier to measure success and failure, because you are able to see where users fluently go through the Apps and where they just give up because they just don’t understand the interface. This is especially valuable if you are also able to segment the data to specific target audiences for deeper meaning. This helps to focus on specific audiences and adjust your App, using these new insights, to assist them better.

Connect the cross channel world

Measuring just the In-App usage is also a bit silly in a cross channel world so you need to connect the In-App with the rest of the online interaction and statistics like App Download, App Traffic and possibly App Revenue.


Make sure that your business issue is connected with your App and relevant and valuable insights. For more info please e-mail Rolf Craenen or call him at +31886606600.