Top 10 VINT posts in 2014 So Far


Thomas van Manen - You are probably on holiday of either just got back or patiently waiting to go. In this post I wanted to highlight some of the great articles that have been published this year on the blog so far.

A summer reading-list, I hope you enjoy it. The trends in topics are clear: everything internet of things and wearables related was really popular. Also a good sign: our new research topic for 2014/2015 called Design to Disrupt already claims three spots in this top 10.

  1. YOUR INTERNET OF THINGS TINKERING KIT: 10 NECESSARY TOOLS & TIPS In this post Jaap dives deep into the internet of things and presents his Forward-Thinking IoT Tinkering Kit. It consists of the following necessary tips and tools, like this one: The M2M principle, or the Automation of Automation, in existing or new event, process and value chains. Be aware of what automation means, how it developed, and what its high-paced evolution could mean for you as objects go online and we move from the Internet of Computers to the Internet of Things.
  2. 2014 WILL BE THE YEAR OF THE SMART WATCH (AND OTHER WEARABLE TRENDS) In this post Thomas presents 2014 as the year smartwatches will take off and the war for your wrist will begin. With the market for smartphones largely saturated in the US and Europe and user like myself suffering from upgrade fatigue, vendors now aim for the wrist of consumers and their next cash cow.
  3. CONTEXTUAL IS THE NEW MOBILE Another posts on wearables. This one is on designing for a new mobile form-factor that is not restricted to your pocket. Wearable tech is all about unleashing the power of smartphones onto new types of devices. The overarching goal? Creating highly personalized interactions and experiences.
  4. WEARABLE COMPUTING: HARDWARE IN ALL SHAPES AT CES 2014 Yet another post on wearables. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year, there have been a lot of announcements concerning new wearable devices. To show the diversity in function and hardware design, we lined up a few in this post.
  5. D2D – DESIGN TO DISRUPT (DEEL 1 VAN 2) UBER, AIRBNB, KLM, ABN AMRO OP HET VINT-SYMPOSIUM 2014 This is part one (in Dutch) of our event report from this years Design to Disrupt event in the Netherlands. We also have a English summary who did not make the top 10.
  6. INDUSTRY 4.0 = (THINGS + INDUSTRIAL INTERNET) X (IT + OT) In this post Jaap shares his insight that essentially, the Internet of Things & Services is the fast-paced 21th century network evolution of traditional “white-collar” Information Technology (IT) and “blue-collar” Operational Technology (OT).Through this convergence of IT and production new business models and open business environments will arrive.
  7. DESIGN TO DISRUPT – A FULL LECTURE IN JUST 5 SLIDES Jaap kicked off a new “no comments” blogpost series. The first is a set of only five slides inspired by Senior VP Fred van Ommen of the Philips Corporate Innovation Office. His “lecture” if you wish, gives us a mapping tool if we wish to design for disruptive innovation. The bottom line here is that the more digital your solutions are, the more equipped you are for new business creation instead of just product innovation.
  8. 118 WEARABLES ON THE MARKET AND COUNTING Who is is making what in the wearable tech landscape? Wearable tech research and consulting firm Vandrico has put together this an overview of the space — tracking the number of devices in existence; areas of market focus; and even which parts of the body are being targeted most.
  9. MORGAN STANLEY REPORTS ON INTERNET OF THINGS DISRUPTIONS In this post Menno shares a recently published blue paper by Morgen Stanly that attempts to quantify the potential impacts of an ‘Internet of Things’ Economy. In their view, it is the  pervasive penetration and integration of semiconductors, networking/connectivity, and Big Data/analytics into the real economy.
  10. DESIGN TO DISRUPT (2/2) 4 VISIONAIRS: SANDER DUIVESTEIN, GERD LEONHARD, ARNOUT DE VRIES, DAAN ROOSEGAARDE This is part two (in Dutch) of our event report from this years Design to Disrupt event in the Netherlands. We also have a English summary who did not make the top 10.


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