Why Big Data is like a movie!

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Sandeep SachdevaWe have seen a lot of movies and we will continue to enjoy them. They bring an alternate reality, a beautifully played story, a fairy tale like ending, the mesmerizing picturesque scenes, those car chases, unique twists and of course the infamous hateful villains to you.

But before it gets there each movie comes with pre-conceived notions, rumors, perceptions, and whispers that either makes it or breaks it at the box office. Big Data is one of those cases where we are hearing a lot of things, similar to when a new movie comes to town. Let me try and address some of those and see if I can help out.

Is BigData more hype than substance?

It is the new $1Trillion question. We have to start here. Keep in mind that we have moved past MBs, PBs, EBs of data why leave the question at $1million. Let’s answer the question slightly differently. If you saw the movie and enjoyed it then for you it has substance. In the case of Big Data the answer is the same, if you know how to or if you already are making money out of the different possibilities that Big Data has to offer then you already know that it has substance.

There is no question in my mind about the answer to this question. Big Data is here, it has proven itself again and again in different industries through not one but multiple use cases. The question you have to answer is that is your team thinking differently enough to be able to exploit the value that it brings to the table. Remember if you are not long on your data then you are short on it ( stock terminology ). And you may be in a losing transaction so get the data scientists in and let them loose. They will help you go long on your data.

The second part of the question is how do you define substance. Through a broad stroke, Big Data technology enables you to be able to influence decisions in your favor, understand the markets more clearly than in the past, understand the dynamics and relationship between previously unconnected entities, optimize your delivery engine while cutting costs, experience phenomenal ROI at times with simple changes, and at times level the playing field for everyone.

Big Data has enables the internet of things, helping base and grow the wearables and the robotics. Together they will revolutionize and change us in a positive way. It is on its way are you ready and do you have a strategy and plan in place to incorporate the disruptive technologies into your delivery engine. Facebook, Google and Amazon are looking into robotics, wearables for a reason. What is yours.

Does it have a good storyline

While the technology, the scenes, the car chases can give the movie an edge a well played storyline really makes a movie timeless. The Big Data storyline really is in its ability to do different things with the data set that you already have. It is upto you to imagine what you want to do with that.  But is there a storyline specific to Healthcare, to Retail, to Manufacturing, to Financials, to Cost Cutting and more. The answer is an emphatic YES. All you have to do is to Google it. 

That will be a start, but remember that you know more about your data than anyone else. So build a system that creates the magic moments that unleashes a user’s imagination to do big things with the data that you have. Allow them to dare. Move away from we have always done it this way, instead ask the question what are we missing, how else can we use the data, why are not considering that in the first place.


But what about a Car Chase, the Hero, the Plot, the Villain? We will talk about that in the next blog.

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