Sogeti Executive Summit: Design to Disrupt [Download]

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With a constant eye on the horizon, predicting the future that innovative technology can bring, Sogeti invites clients from around the world to a top management event once a year called the Sogeti Executive Summit.

The theme this year is: Design to Distrupt

The disruptive potential of new technologies is growing at a staggering speed. And challengers in the market are more vigorous than ever. The combination of these new possibilities and the rise of new competitors is one of the main drivers that is accelerating innovation. This is the reason why leaders put technology on top of their list of factors that will determine their organization’s future.

Change products and services

Looking at the toolset – from collaborative platforms, the industrial internet, advanced analytics, cloud to new mobilities – there is an abundance of opportunities for everyone. But courage to change the design of products, services, business models, and the organization itself, is required. No guts, no glory.

Are they still in love?

Facing this need for speed, it is tempting to brisk up innovation processes immediately and launch a magnitude of experiments. But what is the grand design of what you would like to achieve? This raises the basic questions about the relevance of organizations. What is it that your clients are yearning for? Are they still in love with your organization and its products or services? And what are the new principles and values to build upon?

Answers to the disruptive potential.

"Design to Disrupt" is looking for answers to the disruptive potential of the new opportunities.

  • How to build organizational resilience when innovation is accelerating?
  • What should you do to intelligently create your own disruptive innovations?
  • What are the appealing design principles that organisations must apply?
  • Is ‘client obsession’ something that can be engineered?

Those are the questions that we will address at this year’s Executive Summit, bringing together a group of visionary thought leaders and executives for a strategic dialogue.

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