High Tech Electro-Mechanical Engineer (ENG)

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You are passionate about the high-tech market, you are up to date on all the latest ins and outs of electronics and you’re interested in solidifying one of the fastest growing pillars within a high standard IT consulting company. If this is you, you need to get in touch with Sogeti!
Your career @Sogeti
The future of an organization is intertwined with the skills of its employees. Therefore, Sogeti gives all of its HighTech Professionals the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skillset. If you grow, Sogeti grows!
Your role as a High Tech Electro-Mechanical Engineer
As a High Tech Electro-Mechanical Engineer you’re directly connected to the development of cables, cabinets, shelves boxes, rear panels for interconnection and housing of (electronic/electric/electromechanical) parts. You’re able to analyze needs, create specifications, select components, draw 2D/3D CAD schematics (NX), generate technical product documentation and test prototypes.

Got that? Great!
Where will you be doing this?
You’ll deliver your expertise at one of Sogeti’s clients’ locations or at one of the modern Sogeti offices. Since both Sogeti’s offices as well as their clients’ are spread throughout the Netherlands, living in a central location is important.
Who are you?
- Results drive you;
- For you, it’s all about the customer;
- One day you’re doing a project, the next day you follow procedures. All good;
- No remote little farm for you, you live centrally, and you’re open to traveling for work;
- You’re proficient in English, bonus points for proficiency in Dutch;
- Finally, you love to keep developing your high-tech skills.
You also have
- a background in high-tech;
- a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study;
- a minimum of 4 years of (relevant) experience;
- knowledge on electromechanical components (e.g. connectors) and their mechanical and electrical properties;
- knowledge on security (e.g. SELV)
- knowledge on EMC (e.g. Shielding)
- knowledge of using components within a vacuum;
- knowledge of environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, humidity, shocks, and vibrations);
- knowledge on reliability (e.g. MTBF/FIT) and packaging (e.g. blister design).
You give and you give... What do you get from Sogeti?
Want to develop your skills and knowledge? Sogeti has your back! Sogeti supports you by providing all possible tools and utilities such as courses, technical meetings and certifications within your preferred field. Atmosphere and collegiality are of paramount importance to Sogeti. Outside of working hours, Sogeti regularly organizes informal activities. They also offer interesting and challenging assignments and encourage and reward initiative, especially if it contributes to the results of Sogeti.
About Sogeti
Sogeti is known for its high standard of quality, an impressive customer portfolio and comprehensive training opportunities for employees. The high-tech business line is the fastest growing pillar within Sogeti. As such, a great corporate culture is of the utmost importance. Sogeti values mutual respect and co-operation to get the highest achievable results. Sogetians are always open to sharing their knowledge. Finally, they enjoy themselves. Both in- and outside of work, so they regularly organize fun outings and activities.
If developing rapidly in a high-tech environment is what you’re looking for, apply now!

So now what?
You’d rather start today than tomorrow? Great! Apply directly by using the button on this page. Need more information about High Tech? Take a look at Sogeti’s website https://www.sogeti.nl/high-tech.